One visit for every key


Did I want my piano back that much?
He was disgusting, an animal with facial tattoos.
Would I let him touch me?

But it all changed. The touch of sound turned into touch of skin I craved. I could be myself with this man. More myself than I’d ever known.

– James Steerforth (Copyright 2007)

This is very obviously a retelling of part of Jane Campion’s film The Piano (1993), which I watched again a few days ago, having seen it once before, shortly after it was released. The title of this ultrashort prose piece restricted to 50 words is a direct quote from the movie — it is the bargain Ada strikes with Baines.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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6 Responses to One visit for every key

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  2. Thank you for reminding me of this movie. I really like your succint re-telling. Perfect!

  3. Thank you! It really is a movie that deserves being seen repeatedly.

  4. I saw “The Piano” when it was originally realesed…loved the acting…but didn’t quite understand the story. Watched it again recently and was blown away by the music and cinematorgraphy. Truly a perplexing movie…its morality and views of human nature very questionable…but it’s the only watchable thing Jane Campion has every made.

  5. The only other Jane Campion movies I’ve seen are “An Angel at My Table,” which was too long but a fascinating albeit painful character study, and “Holy Smoke,” which I thought was a concoction of half-baked threads and ideas. Sadly, the only thing I distinctly remember is the Kate Winslet peeing scene.

  6. maryt says:

    One of my favorite movies. One of the most beautifully filmed. I listen to the soundtrack often. The Harvey Keitel’s character’s name is my maiden name.

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