Tired of sleeping



Oh Mom, I wonder when I’ll be waking
It’s just that there’s so much to do
And I’m tired of sleeping

– Suzanne Vega, from Tired of Sleeping


While on the road yesterday, I got exasperated with the music various radio stations had to offer, reached over and pulled the nearest cassette out of the glove compartment. It had Richard and Linda Thompson on one side and Suzanne Vega on the other. I hadn’t listened to her in ages.

It occurred to me again – I remember having similar thoughts before – that she does a lot of what could be called near sleeping in her “singing” while the instruments are where the action is, as in Tired of Sleeping. This may be partially what made her stand out but also became repetitive in the end.

Suzanne Vega’s website

Her recordings are still very much available, e.g. through Amazon.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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