Beside the still fjord

Back from a 1-week trip to Denmark. Once again, a song from long ago popped into my mind en route for no apparent reason. Long drives sometimes do have their benefits.

I’d heard Moonlight from Julie Felix’s album Clotho’s Web on the radio shortly after its release in 1972, taping it on my father’s Grundig reel-to-reel machine. Years later, I stumbled across the L.P. in a used record store in Boulder, Colorado, and bought it for $1.99. It was filed under John Paul Jones, the Led Zeppelin band member who played on it.

Nobody I know had ever heard of Julie Felix, and I’ve never seen anything else by her in any store. So that I was very surprised to find out that she’s had a large number of releases through the years and is still making music (see Official Julie Felix Web Site).

Beside the still fjord

May-born maiden Marianne dwells beside the still fjord.
She listens to her heart while mental fingers change the chord.
Hearing distant melodies she tries to find a song,
Forgetting that the notes she knows
To your songs all belong.

Are you well?
Have you been fair?
Fare thee well.

You’ve been released like Abraham from the tragic sacrifice,
And so you travelled westward to collect the golden prize.
But somewhere on an island there’s a song you never learnt;
It lingers on the beaches,
Though the words have all been burnt.

Are you well?
Have you been fair?
Fare thee well.

And now you write of madmen and of sailors on their quest
And all the lovely ladies whom your poems have left undressed.
Sadness stains your melting mouth but fire fills your tongue,
While you pray that the angels
Will believe the songs you’ve sung.

Are you well?
Have you been fair?
Fare thee well.

– Julie Felix (from Clotho’s Web, 1972)

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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4 Responses to Beside the still fjord

  1. maryt says:

    Welcome back, James. Marvelous lyrics by a singer I don’t know. But…I am a May-born matron named maryt.

  2. Fred Morgan says:

    Believe the singer is Joan Baez. I have it on a old self made tape (circa 1975) which was titled Joan Baez. Cant for the life of me find it anywhere on-line. Julie Felix a fantastic singer in her day same period

  3. Hi Fred, thanks for your comment. The singer of the only version of this I know is Julie Felix; the song is on the album “Clotho’s Web” from 1972, which I still have. Of course, it’s possible that other singers performed it as well. Having been a long-time fan of Joan Baez, I’m not aware that she sang it…

  4. Fred Morgan says:

    Yes it would appear you are totally correct. I’ve been searching under Joan Baez for a few days and now can only find it once in the Julie Felix album “Clotho’s Web” as you said and now I have the title “Beside The Still Fjord” Thanks again James saved me many future hours Fred

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