Flickering lights of questioning turn beside the river


Water Roses (2008) by Johannes Beilharz
Pixels on screen

I’m in a mood to resent the flickering poetic lights
strewn across the water,
and any questioning I might have a turn with
is dulled at this moment,
lulled by undulation and lapping,
as I reflect here darkly beside the river…

– James Steerforth

(© 2008)

History of genesis
As suggested by Poets Who Blog, I turned to Grab and Go Poetry for writing inspiration (also called “prompt” nowadays) and, following instructions, called up Poet’s Online Random Line Generator to obtain a line for use in a poem of my own. After discarding about a dozen lines that reeked too much of the rancid oil of standard po-et-ry, I finally, but still a bit reluctantly, settled for the flickering lights above and let them take me to a river of my imagination.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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3 Responses to Flickering lights of questioning turn beside the river

  1. poetswhoblog says:

    Thanks for taking part. I didn’t really check out the quality of the lines before hand, sorry about that.

    Anyway, you made something beautiful out of it all the same. I could picture you there at that river. Its like a painting, this poem.

  2. I’m happy you liked this poem.

    No need to apologize for the lines delivered by the random generator – I’m always curious about how well those work. I had fun.

    Thanks for the prompt!

  3. Reeked of the rancid oil of po-e-try… wow. you did incorporate the words from the line to your poem’s advantage.

    I didn’t find the lines as disgusting as you did, but I did refresh the page a few times, looking for the right lie.

    Have you tried the random generator on readwritepoem? Maybe it would be more to your liking.

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