An intergalactic messenger in search of Camelot

Cadbury Castle, thought by some to have been King Arthur’s Camelot

“No, they spelled it all wrong. It’s not Uther Pendragon, it’s Upper Pentagon, abbreviated U.P., and it’s not my name but my address.”
My visitor in the gingerbread suit remained cordial.
“But I was foretold …”
“That in this galaxy, where there is such dearth –”
“Of what?”
“Of offshoot –”
“Offspring you probably mean.”
“Thank you, offspring. Where was I? – Ah yes: I was told that you’d be the one. Especially because you’re wearing the bonnet.”
“This thing here? I put it on to redecorate.”
“What are you redecorating?”
“Myself. And I’m also modifying this delta.”
I showed him.
“I see.”
“If I don’t do anything about it, this river will eventually flood all of England.”
“Sire – it is you, I swear! Such noble intention, the royal bonnet, the map – the prediction is right!”
He fell on his knees and looked at me in a manner I can only describe as sheep-like.
“You will have a son by the name of Arthur, who will save England from the Saxons, who will save the world, will save the holy grail. You will live in beautiful Camelot.”
“You’ve got it all wrong, buddy. You’re roughly 1600 years late. The Saxons came, the holy grail became Mary Magdalene, who’s long dead, nobody knows where Camelot was – if it ever existed –, the world is still in need of being saved, and the England I’m saving here on my computer screen is part of SimWorld Five.”

– James Steerforth ( © 2008 )

A story constructed around the words galaxy, delta, redecorate, dearth, offshoot, Uther Pendragon, cordial, gingerbread, foretold, bonnet given by Raven.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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2 Responses to An intergalactic messenger in search of Camelot

  1. maryt says:

    Whoa, James, an incredible Wordzzle! I love the ironic turn! Ha! Thanks for commenting on mine! 😀

  2. dianne7777 says:

    what a wonderful story. it just flows. welcome to wordzzle, hope you’ll do this again, you’re very good.

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