To avoid or not to avoid?

Tessa thought that he did have some class – he dressed well, carried himself well, had good manners, his gestures appeared to be genuine and noble (noble? More a word out of Jane Austen, but it had occurred to her after all).

So why the doubts?

There was also something else about him, something she called “sticky” to herself, without being able to quite describe the unease it caused her.

Was it because he took things too much in stride, without ever getting upset? Without ever getting impatient, no matter how long she made him wait?

– James Steerforth ( © 2008 )

Written around avoid, class and sticky from 3WW no. 96.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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6 Responses to To avoid or not to avoid?

  1. pia says:

    something she called “sticky” to herself. Think that captures it

  2. pjd says:

    I hate how some women feel the need to test a man’s limits simply for the sake of testing them. I think you’ve showed us a lot more of Tessa than the dude. Nice.

  3. Thank you both for visiting and commenting, pia and pjd.

    It’s quite true that this miniature piece reveals just as much about Tessa. Whatever opinion we can form about Mr. Sticky is influenced by her view. Very observant, pjd.

  4. Gemma says:

    This female seems bent on ensuring there must be something “sticky” to this guy! Her self-indulgent pressure will make him snap? May he snap and run I say!

  5. TC says:

    I totally want to know more. About him… and Tessa. Why she cares what his deal is. And if she’s right.

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