Culinary delight

“That tastes like deep-fried gravel!”
I complained and was thrown out.

It had been “nid d’hirondelle sur lit
de roses” on the menu. Not a trace

of bed or rose. But that wonderful
gravelly feeling on teeth and tongue –

five-star Michelin guide yum!

– James Steerforth ( © 2008 )

Written for Totally Optional Prompts and Poefusion. Ultimately inspired by Tiel Aisha Ansari’s Troll Health Advice.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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3 Responses to Culinary delight

  1. Rae Trigg says:

    Great take on the prompt. I especially like the phrase “five-star Michelin guide yum!”

  2. suburbanlife says:

    Yuk! A poem that leaves a disgusting taste in the aftermath.
    “That tastes like deep-fried gravel!”
    I complained and was thrown out. – a most unusual opening, i like! And, naturally, such complaint in a 5* Michelin restaurant might result in prompt expulsion? Who ever said poetry must be ‘serious’ and never funny? This one is a hoot! G

  3. That last line sums this poem up nicely. Well done. Have a nice day.

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