Why do I have to choose

Why do I have to choose /
make everybody lose
– Willie Nelson

Could loudness be persuasive? Particularly in view of the riches that came with this bundle of masculinity? Having fallen for someone similar in the past with a painful outcome, instinct told her to look for holes in the canvas. Lack of sincerity, his interest in her merely a mask for lust?

But also questioning herself: what exactly was it that made this type of man – tall, brash, well-dressed, ostentatiously self-assured – attractive to her? Some sort of submissive trait, the feeling that this hunk could always be relied upon to pave the way for her, to take her his way, eliminating the need to fend for herself?

But did she really want that? To some extent she felt more bullied by this than comforted.

The loudness – yes, that really turned her off. Going to a restaurant with him meant sitting within in the center of attention, with people at the other tables listening in on what Mr. Important had to tell his meek, mild and pretty companion. Meek and mild because everyone else was meek and mild in comparison. Pretty, of course, because he would never have any other female company.

And then there was Jeremy, who had been in love with her for months, had told her reluctant ears about it in his mild, rather humble manner. Who could be relied upon, was kind, attentive, even funny at times, and with whom she could talk about anything. Who was not bad looking, but a few years older.

He presented no challange at all, doted on her. Was a nuisance sometimes with all that caring for her. But would never make her feel like she was his property. Had no riches but was generous with whatever he had.

She sighed as she was painting her nails, preparing for the next outing with Mr. Loud N. Rich.

– James Steerforth

Written around loud, persuasive and riches from 3WW.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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13 Responses to Why do I have to choose

  1. Aaaaaaaaaah! The temptation of riches is hard to resist! Trouble is, there is always a forfeit, a loss in the process! Is it really worth it?

  2. Chatterbox says:

    A difficult situation but an easy choice.May she follow her heart and choose the one that soothes and is humble and not the one who is loud and uncaring 😀 😀

  3. Jae Rose says:

    The attraction to the ‘alpha male’…confusing, uncomfortable but always steers your choice..Jae 🙂

  4. Ren says:

    I really enjoyed this. Its a shame that some women ignore the jewel right in front of them for something that is flawed through and through. Well done 🙂

  5. Sheilagh Lee says:

    oh how sad they she picked riches over goodness.

  6. Kim Nelson says:

    I wonder if Mr. Loud and Rich is the same guy who showed up in my poem? 😉

  7. Altonian says:

    Sorry – no sympathies! Anything distressing that comes her way, she thoroughly deserves for being such a little ‘money grabber’.

  8. ThomG says:

    why do all the jerks get the girls?

  9. V L Sheridan says:

    Oh, silly girl! Go with Mr. Dull but reliable. He’ll never take you for granted. Nice story

  10. ms pie says:

    loud… that is so hilarious….

  11. Ah, a time old quandary … well done piece of fiction & great take on the prompt!


  12. trisha says:

    opposites attract and when they come together they fall apart. 😦


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