Main Street

(short and updated variant of a novel)

Now when Carol Kennicott ran off with Belle Evans the highschool English teacher and ten years her junior, leaving poor Dr. Kennicott behind with three bawling kids and taking all the doctor’s savings with her, not to mention the seasoned baby-blue Buick Skylark, that was a scandal Gopher Prairie did not forgive or forget for decades, not after that dawn shortly before when Belle had narrowly escaped rape by the highschool football coach and the mayor’s son after all of them had been drinking all night at the Blue Gopher Cake Bar, that place of sin outside the city limits.

– James Steerforth (© 2012)

100 words for Trifecta and scandal.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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5 Responses to Main Street

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow: all that in one sentence! Good interpretation!

  2. I loved the stream of consciousness here and the way you captured the narrator’s dialect.

  3. I love the voice of this piece.

  4. Great response to the prompt… only one sentence. Nice job! Hope you can join us for the weekend prompt which is already up on the site. It’s community judging this weekend, so get your entry in and get voting!

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