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A look around, departure & let loose poem

so foregoing the white floc and only taking a sip from the
white armagnac that had come by post from that
part of France in a small bottle labeled “eau de
muses” to prevent any kind of customs troubles Continue reading

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It’s all right, ma

That’s me out here in the darkness by the rusty ex-Texaco station That’s me, ma, your son Frank, who’s only bleeding Frankie got on the wrong track, ma, and Frankie got himself shot And that’s why your son Frankie is … Continue reading

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Take a Message to Mary

Posted in response to Totally Optional Prompts‘ request for poems inspired by the ‘Send a Message’ prompt. When I read the prompt, I immediately thought of this song in the version I know – by Bob Dylan. It is on … Continue reading

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Belle Isle

Once again Bob Dylan (cf. Cinderella on Desolation Row). Last night, my sister, brother-in-law and I had a BBQ in the lush garden behind their farmhouse, next to the quince tree in full bloom. We retired to their living room … Continue reading

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Cinderella on Desolation Row

My brother-in-law, a great Bob Dylan admirer, lent me the Martin Scorsese documentary No Direction Home, which I started watching during a work break on sunny, languid Easter Monday. I was struck once again by the magic spun by the … Continue reading

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