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The landing of the Allies in Normandy as foreseen by Wassily Kandinsky in 1911

According to the catalog, Kandinsky attended an Arnold Schönberg concert on January 2, 1911. The painting, done the next day, demonstrates that the “impressions of an external nature” serving as the source… Continue reading

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For them When we walked in there we were like a family, even though I barely knew you and had just met your daughter. The circle of friends opened as if for a family. _________________ We were apart for some … Continue reading

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The wishbone (a flash story)

I’m writing this to spare others a bad experience. See, I ordered a wishbone with three branches through a special e-mail offer that sounded too good to pass up. The problem is that that wishbone takes your thoughts as wishes. … Continue reading

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The other inhabitants move in (a flash story)

Hejra to Mijra, “You think that one’s OK?” “Yes, it’ll do fine.” “OK, let’s move in and stay the next 300 years.” “If it’ll last that long. Remember, the previous one barely made it through the 1944 bombing, and then … Continue reading

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