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Words for Julia

You can’t go back because life is pushing you ahead like an unending howl. You’ll feel caged, you’ll feel lost and alone, perhaps wishing you’d never been born. But always remember what I wrote one day thinking of you as … Continue reading

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Ruminations about current trends in love I

L’amour ne peut plus voyager Il a perdu son messager – Georges Moustaki Is there less love now than there used to be? Perhaps the messengers have indeed died off, as in chemical reactions where two need to react but … Continue reading

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They call me the breeze

That there breath of air you calls a breeze – it ain’t nothin’ but a mellow tickle … – James ‘Kuntry Mode’ Steerforth Written upon inspiration by breeze, mellow and tickle from 3WW. And now, by the one and only … Continue reading

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Beauty lies in the name of the …

All four of them loved the Creedence Clearwater Revival. In fact, Stu and John met at a John Fogerty concert at the castle in Esslingen, where Stu told John that he and his brother Tom played lots of CCR songs … Continue reading

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As if I didn’t exist at all She passed by me Without a glance, Queen of Sheba I said, Aisha, take it, it’s all yours Take it all – the pearls, the jewelry The gold around your neck The fruits, … Continue reading

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Gloria paused … temporarily

“Oh my God!” Gloria screamed (screaming was her mode of communication tonight and quite possibly even when sober) “A two-beer break – how long’s that gonna take – two hours?” But two beers in that claustro- stifling club heated by … Continue reading

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with the promise of a man

Harvest Did I see you down in a young girl’s town with your mother in so much pain? I was almost there at the top of the stairs with her screamin’ in the rain. Did she wake you up to … Continue reading

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