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For hire

You see, my immense success is all due to that watch – it all started with that watch, which projects just the right image of wealth and manliness. And now I’m the owner of a nice red car, a monkey … Continue reading

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Scathing prediction

“You want to become a photographer of nudes? – With your makeshift equipment and lackadaisical attitude you’ll never get anywhere, I can promise you that.” Said my uncle Said to me when I was sixteen but already more than sure … Continue reading

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Far from Easter Island

“You call me the Purple Seer because I have visions. But there’s no need to ostracize me because I saw it coming – this shameful miniature morphing and transition from stone to gum and, worst of all, move so far … Continue reading

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A captivating sunset

A captivating sunset for Sunday Scribblings. Picture taken from Villa Rita on the island of Elba, Italy.

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Père Lachaise

Mostly black Pictures taken at Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris and merged, posted for Photo Hunt.

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Isn’t he cuddly?

Cuddly dragon
Part of the emblem of the Embassy of Pekingnesia Continue reading

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Below average ride on a headless horse

Picture of an uncomfortable medieval ride taken at Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, Alsace. Continue reading

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