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Full circle

“Let’s go to the beach,” Arturo said.“And do what?” came Luis’ quick retort.Arturo gave him a look from down under.“What we always do.”“Why should we do what we always do?”“Any better idea?”“It’s just that nothing ever happens here. Not here, … Continue reading

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The target

“Target is crossing street. Following.” “Love that swaying little ass of hers.” “Shut up, Jeremy.” “Wonder what she’s done that we’re going after her.” “Target keeps looking back, seems nervous.” “Reminds me of Diana. Lady Di.” “Don’t need your puerile … Continue reading

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Out harrowing

I’d been out harrowing since early morning and was happy to see Maisie walking up, carrying a basket. A break was most welcome. I parked the tractor at the edge of the field and climbed down. “Am I happy to … Continue reading

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