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A confession. Sort of.

I know it’s not really an excuse, as if I gave a damn anyhow, but one night when my dad had grounded me and both my parents the jerks were out I got fucking drunk while listening to music and … Continue reading

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Wasn’t born to follow

I doubt the old books, / doubt the old gods… Continue reading

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Freedom – what a mighty word. I usually feel overwhelmed when contemplating to write about such complex things. But then again, something new, meaningful and not merely personal can be said about them – or sung – with a surprisingly … Continue reading

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Donovan delivers colors in black & white

One Single Impression‘s color theme immediately reminded me “Colours”, an early song by Donovan from 1965. The colors he sings about are yellow, green, blue, mellow and freedom. What color do you associate with mellow? Which one with freedom? Luckily, … Continue reading

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