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A lesser known preventive doctrine

Let’s engage in some mayhem… Continue reading

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It is written that …

It is written that future Man will move up one step on the hierarchical ladder to become a creator, just like the angels, archangels, thrones, excusiai and others are creators. Thought, which already has creative powers in some select few … Continue reading

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A look around, departure & let loose poem

so foregoing the white floc and only taking a sip from the
white armagnac that had come by post from that
part of France in a small bottle labeled “eau de
muses” to prevent any kind of customs troubles Continue reading

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Culinary delight

“That tastes like deep-fried gravel!” I complained and was thrown out. It had been “nid d’hirondelle sur lit de roses” on the menu. Not a trace of bed or rose. But that wonderful gravelly feeling on teeth and tongue – … Continue reading

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Far-away love on the beach

Inspire Me Thursday‘s invitation for “beach” contributions reminded me of a song by John Cale. I tried to find it on Youtube, but it’s not there. So the lyrics will have to do, which is a shame … it’s a … Continue reading

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For them When we walked in there we were like a family, even though I barely knew you and had just met your daughter. The circle of friends opened as if for a family. _________________ We were apart for some … Continue reading

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When we are most near

– James Steerforth A poem pretty much in the vein of Gertrude Stein written using Shuffle Words. As proposed by read write prompt #33.

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