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Wuthering Quotes

The useful word wuther, which has gone out of use somewhat since its heyday in the 19th century, should be revived and not be restricted to heights* alone! To illustrate how it can be used, there are some literary quotes … Continue reading

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Why the geek slashed the carcass

Not being any kind of geek with a slasher past, this question is not easily answered. The police statement said there was no history of carcass possession, misappropriation or attempted purchase. Any connection with Jenny Cadaver, a distant cousin, could … Continue reading

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Rhyming rote

Now if I had anything to quote I’d give it an honest vote. But on that very same note I’d also tote its antidote and jump from any boat for air with the slightest mote. – Felix Morgenstern (© 2011) … Continue reading

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Christian Morgenstern: The guinea fowl

The guinea fowl The guinea fowl counts: one, two, three, four … Pray what is all that counting for, Out there among the deep dark pine trees? The bird, driven by knowledge’s itch, And doing so without a glitch, Is … Continue reading

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