The plunging pool at Tovara, Nayarit

In my mind now: Billy Vaughn playing a glaring Las Golondrinas

Back then –

The rope swing above the Tovara pool,
a round hole at the end of a long, narrow
passage through mangrove –
and splash into the dark glittering water

The black and white pictures I took from the boat
of such glaring brightness and black shadow

Tovara – a destination everybody should know about,
a glimpse of lush and simple paradise

Ramada shack, bright-colored refreshments,
wobbly tables

All a result of being accosted at the campground:
You like watch birds? Tomorrow morning 6 o’clock?

In my mind now: Billy Vaughn playing a glaring Las Golondrinas

– James Steerforth ( © 1999 and 2008 )

Dug out of memory and hard disk and revised for Totally Optional Prompts’ REGIONAL POETRY theme. Goes back much further – to a trip taken in 1977/78.


Reality check note
Moon Travel Planner says, “Finally you reach Tovara Springs, which well from the base of a verdant cliff. On one side a bamboo-sheltered palapa restaurant serves refreshments, on the other families picnic in a hillside pavilion. In the middle, everyone jumps in and paddles in the clear, cool water.”
It’s likely that things have changed since I visited in the late seventies – I remember these springs as a very small and modest place, without any sign of a hillside pavilion. It’s also quite possible that the dark glittering waters I remember in my poem are a figment of the dark glittering waters of memory.

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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2 Responses to The plunging pool at Tovara, Nayarit

  1. whypaisley says:

    my piece for today posted on why paisley… is entitled back then… must be a day for reminiscence… this was lovely… it is ever so nice to be able to drift back,, even if it is only with the mind….

  2. AuraGem says:

    Love how you peel away shavings of memories! Just enough to be tantalising!


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