Not normal

Haven’t had my rented tux
experience with pains due to
starchy collar and cummerbund

In fact, I didn’t even
know what an effing cummerbund
is until just now when Wikipedia
informed me it was a wide sash

But that’s ok. Don’t feel the need
to get all poetic, nostalgic or what
not over that male initiation thing,
wide sash, romantic Cinerama
expectations, rusty keyhole
perspectives and all

Just let me be my normal angry
self, and to hell with all the
stereotype bonding exercise

– James Steerforth (© 2011)

One for Sunday Scribblings and normal.

So what did set off that one? It was poetry, in fact. A poem thus introduced by Ted Kooser: “Here’s an experience that I’d guess most of the men who read this column have had, getting into a rental tuxedo. Bill Trowbridge, a poet from Missouri, does a fine job of picturing that particular initiation rite.”

About James Steerforth

I am an author of poetry and fiction, translator and painter who loves to have fun with borrowed feathers.
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2 Responses to Not normal

  1. Poets United says:

    Thank you for joining Poets United. I have added your blog to our blogroll so others can discover you and your wonderful poetry. Poets United is what you make of it so explore, comment often and it will lead to folks doing so in return. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading your poetry.

    Your imagination is what fuels our community.

    ~ Robert Lloyd (Poets United)

  2. Yo dude, the world is more fun when you don’t wear a cummerbund…

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